Medical Tourism in India: Top Destinations and Key Information

Medical Tourism in India: Top Destinations and Key Information

In recent years, India has established itself as the hub for medical tourism in the world, and now it comes under one of the top six destinations in the world for medical tourism. In this article, we will provide all the important information regarding medical tourism.

Medical Tourism is the industry where international patients travel across the border for specialized cosmetic or wellness treatments. In recent years, India has established as the centre for medical tourism. It is now among the world's top 6 best medical travel destinations. Its rapidly growing medical tourism industry has put Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai and Kochi on the globe for millions across Asia and Africa, who turn to these cities for all their surgical needs. Our years of expertise, highly qualified doctors, unparalleled knowledge, and excellent healthcare facilities allow us to dominate the Indian medical tourism market. India offers cheap treatment packages.

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Medical tourism situation in India

IIn mid-2020, medical tourism in India was valued at around USD 9 billion, ranking the country 10th in the Global Medical Tourism Index. Every year, approximately 2 million patients from 78 countries come to India for medical, wellness, and IVF treatments, contributing billions to the industry. With the government's Heal in India initiative, this is expected to reach a billion by 2026. This gives Indian hospitals more work, money, and respect worldwide, making the country a top choice for health care worldwide. A higher demand for modern medical equipment also results in better healthcare quality in India.

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Why international patients choose India

India provides top-quality healthcare at affordable prices, including holistic treatments like Ayurveda. The government's Heal in India plan aims to make it simpler for medical tourists by easing visa and currency exchange processes. India has a history of being a global center for natural healing, especially through practices like Ayurveda.

The countries where most medical tourists come from

Most tourists come from Asian and African countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Maldives, Indonesia, and Kenya.

Medical tourism situation in India
Medical tourism in India is booming due to its specialized healthcare, skilled doctors, and affordable treatment prices. Here are the top 6 destinations for medical tourism in India

1.Chennai: Chennai is the most popular medical tourism destination in India. According to a study from the Confederation of Indian Industries, almost 40% of people choose Chennai for its high-quality healthcare treatment. It is also known as the "health capital of India," people come from all over the world to get hip replacements, eye surgeries, cardiac bypasses, bone marrow transplants, and alternative treatments.

2.New Delhi: The capital of India is another popular destination for medical tourism. In Delhi, various outstanding private hospitals offer treatment packages for foreign patients, covering general surgery, eye surgery, heart care, and neurosurgery.

3.Bangalore: Bangalore is also a major medical tourism destination in India. There are several top hospitals, such as Manipal Hospital, Mallya Hospital, and Aster CMI Hospital. The city is known for its cardiology, oncology, and cosmetic surgery treatments.

4.Mumbai: This city has India's fastest-growing medical tourism industry, boasting super-specialty hospitals, a research centre, and a diagnostic centre for orthopedic and weight reduction procedures. Mumbai is also known for its Ayurvedic therapies and cosmetic surgery.

5.Ahmedabad:Ahmedabad is becoming a popular destination for medical tourism in India. Many people from outside prefer seeking treatment in Ahmedabad because of its hospitals with top-notch amenities.