India is the most popular destination for medical tourism in the world. The rising expense of medical insurance each year is aimed mostly at those who pay for individual health insurance policies. Many medical procedures in India are significantly less expensive than in other Western countries. In India, medical insurance pays for a patient's medical bills in case of an accident or sudden illness. There are a number of benefits for both people and businesses that start using medical tourism in India for a variety of medical procedures

Medical Insurance and Legal Aspects
It is essential to be aware of all the insurance facilities and legal aspects of the medical treatments. Medical tourists should ensure that the insurance provider is covering that hospital where they are being treated in their insurance policy. The legal recourse in the case of unsatisfactory treatment is not clear till now. The government of India is offering medical visa for those patients who wish to get their medical procedures done in India.

Types of Medical Insurance :
medical insurance.
Group medical insurance.
Individual medical insurance.

Health Insurance Benefits in India: In India, many individuals and their families select medical insurance because it covers prospective medical expenses and other related costs. This is because more and more people want health insurance after all, it gives them a safety net in case of an emergency. The low cost and high quality of medical care in India are another important advantage. Several medical insurance companies also offer the following additional advantages:

Documents Required for a Medical Insurance Claim in India
Report from the hospital/doctor.
Identity verification
Proof of address and salary slip

Calculation of Medical Insurance : The overall cost of medical insurance is determined by the level of protection or sum covered, the member's age, and whether an individual or group policy is chosen. The medical insurance premium can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.

Insurance Plans: Medical tourism in India provides a variety of health insurance packages. Many people travel to India for medical operations, and several insurance companies now offer cross-border insurance policies for immigrants.

Insurance Companies Offering Medical Insurance in India
HSBC- HealthFirst
Bajaj Allianz- Medical Care
United India Insurance Company- Mediclaim Policy
ICICI Lombard-Online Medical Plans