kidney transplant in India
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Kidney Transplant in India

Kidney transplantation provides a ray of hope for people suffering from end-stage renal disease (ESRD), a condition in which the kidneys lose their ability to perform essential functions, commonly referred to as "kidney failure." The operation involves transplanting a healthy kidney from a living or deceased donor into a recipient having failing kidneys, increasing the person's life by many years.

We understand how kidney transplantation can affect the lives of our patients and their families. We work to provide each patient with the highest quality of care at every stage of the procedure in accordance with this understanding.

People who have a kidney transplant typically live longer than those who stay on dialysis.

Kidney failure can sometimes affect fertility, but a kidney transplant can improve the chances of getting pregnant.

Patients who undergo successful kidney transplantation often experience improved mental well-being.

Why choose us for kidney transplant surgery in India?

Tour2Wellness is your trusted partner for kidney transplants in India. India is awesome for this because it has great doctors and modern technology, and it's way more affordable. Our team is more dedicated and will take care of you from start to finish your journey. The hospitals we work with are top-notch, having modern technology and high-quality care. Our doctors are good at what they do, and we've helped many people like you. We know going to another country for treatment can be confusing, so we'll help you with everything - travel, visas, and a comfy place to stay. And don't worry, we follow all the rules to make sure everything is done in the right way. Check out testimonials from happy patients, and if you have any questions, just ask! Ready to start your journey to better health? Get in touch with us now!

Patients testimonials

I chose Tour2Wellness for my kidney transplant in India. They made everything easy - from the visa process to finding a comfortable place to stay, especially coming from Baghdad. The doctors and the hospital were amazing. They took good care of me, even after I went back home. I am so grateful for the positive change they brought to my life.

Ms. Fatima Abbas Baghdad, Iraq

I had my kidney transplant in India with Tour2Wellness, and it was a life-changing decision. They took good care of me, even after I went back home. I recommend them to anyone thinking about a kidney transplant in India.

Mr. Samuel Mwangi Nairobi, Kenya

I'm grateful to Tour2Wellness for making my kidney transplant journey to India so smooth. They took care of everything, ensuring I could travel from Nairobi without any stress. The doctors and the hospital were fantastic. After the transplant, their continuous support and follow-ups showed their commitment to my health. I appreciate the positive impact they've made on my life.

Mr. Omar Al-Abbasi Erbil, Iraq

My experience with Tour2Wellness for my kidney transplant journey was exceptional. They ensured a smooth process from Erbil, managing every detail efficiently. The doctors and the hospital provided outstanding care. Post-transplant, their continuous support and follow-ups demonstrated their commitment to patient well-being. I highly recommend their services to those seeking a positive health transformation.

Mrs. Elena Rodriguez Barcelona, Spain

Types of kidney transplant surgery?


Chronic kidney disease (CKD)

This is a gradual loss of kidney function over time, often caused by diabetes, high blood pressure, or other chronic conditions.


Acute kidney injury (AKI)

This is a sudden and rapid decline in kidney function, often caused by severe illness, injury, or medication side effects.


Polycystic kidney disease (PKD)

This is an inherited condition that causes cysts to grow on the kidneys, eventually damaging them.



This is an inflammation of the kidney's filtering units, which can be caused by various factors like autoimmune diseases or infections.


A medical tourism package for kidney transplant patients in India typically includes hospital fees, surgeon fees, pre-transplant evaluations, post-transplant care, accommodation, transportation, and coordination services.

We ensure the quality and safety of medical care in India for your kidney transplant by researching accredited hospitals, consulting with experienced transplant surgeons, and seeking recommendations from previous patients or medical professionals.

Support services for international kidney transplant patients in India may include language assistance, accommodation arrangements, transportation, and assistance with navigating the healthcare system.

During your stay in India for the transplant, it's important to be mindful of dietary restrictions, such as avoiding certain spicy foods and adhering to cultural norms regarding meal preparation and consumption.

You can follow up with your local healthcare provider and transplant team, providing them with all necessary medical records and updates from your transplant in India.